Unit 8 - Boating Safety

Boating Safety Programs for the public

Knowledgeable boaters are safe boaters and safe boaters are generally less likely to be involved in search and rescue incidents.

To obtain information on Operator Competency and operator courses, safety equipment required, Safe Boating Guide, Sea Kayaking Safety Guide, Pleasure Craft licensing or registration and boating regulations, go to Transport Canada, Office of Boating Safety.

A number of programs are available from Unit 8 - Delta::

Pleasure Craft Safety Checks - for more info click here

Boating Safety Lectures to yacht clubs and other organizations

Cold Water Survival Information - This could save your Life!!

**NEW** - Information on "Old Boat Syndrome", Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, and Explosion Protection

Bobbie the Safety Boat :

Bobbie is a remotely controlled robot that can interact with children and adults while helping to teach boating and water safety.  The Bobbie program is very popular with children and adults and Bobbie travels widely throughout the region.  Bobbie makes many school visits each spring until the holidays begin.  As well Bobbie is very much in demand for visits to boat shows, parades, fairs, marine festivals and other water related events.  Click on the picture to see the Bobbie colouring book.

Kids Don't Float :

This program features large boards with colourful graphics along with a supply of children's PFDs (personal floatation devices).  These boards are erected at marinas, boat launching ramps, parks and swimming areas.  The program is run on an honour system and offers free day use of the PFDs. Click on the picture to see more details about the Kids Don't Float program.

If you are interested in any of these programs, please contact Unit 8.

Becoming a Boating Safety member

Basic Requirements to join Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue:

  • 19 years of age or more
  • Canadian Citizen
  • Possess PCOC (Pleasure Craft Operator Card) and Restricted Radio Operator Certificate (Marine) (ROC(M))
  • Std. First Aid / CPR 'C'
  • Undergo a criminal record check

Requirements for Boating Safety members and Station 8:

  • Live in Delta
  • Able to enter the U.S.A. to provide services to Canadian Boaters at the Point Roberts Marina - this means that a valid passport is required
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Excellent dress and deportment

Boating Safety members receive training in the small vessel regulations, the Canada Shipping Act, and other relevant statutes. These members are certified to conduct Pleasure Craft Safety Checks (PCSC), and perform a public education role. These members also partake in boating safety education through boat shows, community events, and on occasion, special training sessions with the public and other emergency service organizations. Applicants should have basic marine training such as the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron's Seamanship course.

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