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2013 Incidents and on-water events (to date)
2013-09-19 - 8pm Paged out to locate and assist small fishing boat broken down off Point Roberts Vessel had drfited several miles into the Strait into the Shipping lanes. Working with CCG hovercraft, the boat was located by radar search and towed into Point Roberts.
2013-09-14 - 7pm Paged out to find and assist a 20' boat lost in the fog in the shipping lanes 2 nm off Point Roberts Located boat using radar search and escorted boat and two other boats found en-route safely into Crescent Beach Marina
2013-08-08 - 5:45pm Paged out to assist broken down vessel 2.5 south of Point Roberts Arrived on-scene to find vessel under tow by another boat. Escrted both boats into Point Roberts and assisted in secruring casualty vessel in their slip.
2013-08-05 - 3:50pm Tasked to save person-in-water with medical emergency Tasked to Cabbage Island to render assistance to person who had fallen from top deck of his boat, hit the rail and fallen in the water. Stabilized victim and handed off to Coast Guard vessel for transfer to EHS in Sidney.
2013-05-29 - 2:15pm Paged out to assist 20' vessel broken down by ferry causeway Arrived on-scene to find vessel being towed by ferry terminal boat. Stood by in shallow water until all vessels dafe
2013-05-04 - 2pm Tasked while underway to paddle-boarder in distress Tasked along with CCG hovercraft and RCMSAR 5 to search for paddleboarder in distress off Point Roberts. Determined person to be in Boundary Bay but person had made it ashore with no assistance required.
2013-04-27 - 4:30pm Paged out to sailboat in distress Sailboat broken down and being pounded by seas onto ferry terminal breakwall. Secured and towed to Point Roberts
2013-04-22 - 6:40pm Paged out to assist broken down boat in Boundary Bay Towed to Maple Baech abd secured at boat ramp.
2013-03-17 - 9am Paged out for kiteboarder in distress Kiteboarder in distress off ferry terminal. Person had made it ashore when RCMSAR 8 arrived on-scene. Confirmed no medical assistance required.
2013-03-06 - 9:40am Paged out to boat fir in Boundary Bay Searched along with CCG hovercraft and RCMSAR 5 for 30 minutes. Eventually determined that smoke plume from Cherry Point refinery was likely mis-reported.
2013-01-01 Annual Polar Bear Swim Members of Station 8 were in the water wearing dry-suits to keep watch over swimmers, while the fast response boat was stationed just off shore to watch over the swimmers from seaward and to keep boarders and kayakers out of the swim zone.
2012 Incidents and on-water events (to date)
2012-12-15 - 2pm Paged out to assist sailboat taking on water and aground in 6' seas off Tsawwassen Beach Sailboat in 5' of water, completely filled with water and sinking. With assistance of CCG hovercraft, put pumps aboard and pumped out most of the water, then towed vessel into Point Roberts where it was lifeted immediately.
2012-12-07/8 Christmas Carol ship escort Escorted Ladner Carol Ships
2012-11-12 - 4:45pm Paged out to assist small boat beached off Lighthouse park Towed into Point Roberts
2012-11-11 - 9pm Paged out to search for overdue small boat between Point Roberts and Crescent Beach High winds, heavy rain, rough seas. Searched for about 5 hours with RCMSAR5, the hovercraft and a Cormorant helicopter. Cormorant located boat. Person treated for hypothermia and RCMSAR5 towed boat back to Cresent Beach
2012-09-16 - 8pm Paged out to assist a sailing vessel with crab-trap line wrapped in her prop off Roberts Bank. Managed to cut line free, but the engne would not start so towed vessel back to Point Roberts
2012-08-29 - 12pm Paged out to assist a sailing vessel aground on Roberts Bank Stood down prior to launch, asboat floated free on the tide on its own
2012-07-29 - 12pm Paged out to assist broken down vessel off Tsawwassen Beach Towed into Point Roberts
2012-07-23 - 10am Paged out for boat aground on the breakwater rocks at the entrance to Point Roberts With assistance og CCGA hovercraft, towed the boat off the rocks and to the visitor dock at the marina, Assisted them to an emergency haul-out.
2012-07-21 - 06:50am Paged out to to assist a broken down boat between the ferry terminal and Roberts Bank Towed to the ferry causeway boat launch
2012-07-15 - 12:15pm While out training, tasked to assist a broken down boat in rough seas in mid-Strait of Georgia Towed to Cresent Beach
2012-07-14 - 11:30pm Paged out to assist a small boat broken down and aground on Tsawwassen Beach Pulled them off the beach and towed them to the ferry causeway boat launch.
2012-07-03 - 4pm Paged out to assist a boat with someone possible having a heart attack on board Worked with USCG to assist the boat into Point Roberts and deliver the patient to EHS.
2012-02-19 - 1pm Paged out to assist a capsized catamaran off White Rock Pier Stood down prior to launch. Another boat close by had provided assistance.
2012-02-06 - 1:30pm Paged out to assist sailboat taking on water Sailboat had struck a rock in dense fog and required assistance. Boat's pumps were keeping ahead of the water ingress, so Aux.8 escorted into Point Roberts Marina where it was lifted.
2012-01-29 - 1:15pm Paged to search for person off a ferry Person reported to have jumped or fallen off the Coastal Celebration somtime on journey from Shwartz Bay. Searched. along with RCMP, USCG, CCG Hovercraft, Cororants, and others for almost 5 hours with no results.
2012-01-01 Annual Polar Bear Swim Members of Station 8 were in the water wearing dry-suits to keep watch over swimmers, while the fast response boat was stationed just off shore to watch over the swimmers from seaward and to keep boarders out of the swim zone.
2011 Incidents and on-water events (to date)
2011-12-02 - 6pm Ladner Carol Ships escort Provided safety escort for Ladner Carol Ships up Ladner Reach.
2011-11-29 - 2:40pm Paged out to assist broken down commercial fishing vessel off ferry terminal Stood down before launch, when fishing vessel called buddy to come and get him.
2011-11-12 - 12:39pm Paged out to assist sailboat aground on Point Robert Beach 35' Sailboat on the beach at Point Roberts in high winds and 6' seas. No way to get in close enough to assist. Monitored situation with USCG, while another vessel attempted to tow them off, but failed. All vessels stood down. Occupants walked off vessel to safety and commercial assistance contacted to salvage vessel.
2011-09-25 - 5pm Flagged down by disabled vessel While returning from beached sailboat, flagged down by another broken down boat. Towed into Point Roberts
2011-09-25 - 4:20pm Paged to assist sailing vessel aground on the beach at Point Roberts 32' sailing vessel aground and washed up on the beach during a storm. 30 knot winds and 6' seas. All persons safe. Commercial assistance to assist (see photo)
2011-09-08 - 3am Paged out for vessel aground on Point Roberts marina breakwater 60' yacht hard aground on rocks. Stabilized situation and waited for commercial assistance to arrive. (See photo)
2011-08-17 - 1pm Paged to assist fishing boat taking on water off ferry terminal Stood down on departure after another fishing boat assisted.
2011-08-16 - 7:30pm Paged out in response to red flares off Birch Point Stood down on departure
2011-07-31 - 9pm Paged out to search for disabled vessel off ferry terminal Eventually located vessel in Boundary Bay by border markers. Took occupants aboard and warmed them. Towed to Crescent Beach
2011-07-27 - 6pm Wings over Whiterock Safety patrol for Wings over Whiterock event.
2011-07-24 - 4:40pm Tasked to search for a disabled boat Located close to Crescent Beach
2011-07-10 - 5:30pm Tasked to search for lost and broken down boat While out training, a report of a boat lost somewhere in the Strait of Georgia, while travelling from Porlier Pass to Steveston. Very poor information. Searched for 2.5 hrs. CCG hovercraft eventually located vessel near Westham Island in the shallows.
2011-05-18 - 6:45pm Paged out to assist boat taking on water Located boat just off Point Roberts. Put pumps on board and towed to Crescent Beach. One person transferred to Aux. 5 for rapid transit as he was suffering some medical issues.
2011-01-11 - 1pm Annual Polar Bear Swim Members of Unit 8 were in the water wearing dry-suits to keep watch over swimmers, while the fast response boat was stationed just off shore to watch over the swimmers from seaward and to keep boarders out of the swim zone.
2010 Incidents and on-water events
2010-12/10 & 11 - 7pm Ladner Christmas Carol Ships Escort Two nights escroting the Caol Ships from Westham Island to Ladner Harbour.
2010-09-12 - 4pm Notified by concerned citizen that a fishing vessel was waving for help. Located vessel and towed them to a partner fishing vessel who would tow them back to Lummi Island.
2010-09-04 - 8:43am Paged out the assist overturned kayaker in the water off of East Point, Saturna Is. A near-by yacht had stopped to assist and had managed to retreive the kayaker from the water. Unit 8 attended and assessed the victim's medical condition, and then took tha victim and his kayak on-board and delivered them to the rest of their group at Cabbage Island..
2010-08-29 - 1:20pm Hailed by a fishing boat, who had both propellers fouled by fish-nets and was in danger of going aground by Roberts Bank coal port. Towed the boat out to deeper water where another fish-boat was waiting to assist.
2010-08-29 - 11:45am Hailed by a sailboat with prop a crap-trap line anchored to the bottom Tried a number of techniques to free the line and were eventually successful after an hour. The sailboat continued on to Vancouver.
2010-08-29 - 10:45am Tasked while out on training to search for the source of a one-time MayDay call between Roberts Bank and SandHeads Searched the area for an hour but then hailed by another boat in distress
2010-08-26 - 6:25pm Paged out to assist a sailboat in trouble off Point Roberts She was unable to drop sails in a wind squall - assisted her to drop the sails and towed into Point Roberts
2010-08-22 - 6:50pm Paged out to assist a boat broken down and with someone aboard having chest pains Worked with US Coast Guard helicopter and Coast Guard cutter, and Auxiliary 5 Crescent Beach. USCG took patient to Blaine, Unit 5 took another passenger to Blaine, and Unit 8 towed boat back to Blaine.
2010-08-18 - 4:35pm Paged out to search for a one-time MayDay distress call by a child in the Point Roberts/Sucia Island area Searched along with a US Coast Guard Helicopter for 2 hours, talking to all boats in the area. Nothing found.
2010-08-06 - 6pm Paged out to assist an overturned boat off the Tsawwassen ferry causeway The Laser sailboat was assisted by neighbouring boats. Stood down at the dock
2010-08-06 - 7:40am Paged out to assist a boat reported sinking off of Lilly Point, Point Roberts Boat was assisted by a nearby vessel. Stood down at the dock.
2010-08-02 - 3:55pm Paged out to assist boat reported taking on water and sinking mid-Strait between Point Roberts and Cabbage Island. The Coast Guard Hovercraft and a commercial assistance vessel in the area were able to get everyone off the boat and towed it back to Miner's Bay.
2010-07-24 - 9:50pm Paged out to investigate flare sighting in Boundary Bay Initiated search with other Coast Guard Auxiliary units, but vessel in distress was towed into Point Roberts Marina by another boat. Investigated, and made sure the boat was secure, and returned to base at 11:30pm.
2010-07-11 - 3pm Tasked to assist a disabled sailboat with electrical problems. Delivered a new battery from the Marina and escorted them until they were able to proceed under their own power.
2010-07-11 - 1pm Paged out to rescue a family of people in the water, who's disabled boat had almost been run down by a deep sea freighter. They had abandoned into their dinghy which had then been swamped by the bow-wave of the deep-sea and thrown them into the water. A nearby boat had assisted. Along with the CCG hovercraft, made sure they did not need medical attention, and towed their disabled vessel back into Point Roberts Marina.
2010-07-01 - 10:25pm While returning from the Whiterock fireworks, a yacht was discovered with no running lights in the dark after having suffered a complete power failure Tasked to escort the boat back into Point Roberts Marina
2010-07-01 - 7pm One of several safety and crowd control boats at the Whiterock fireworks.  
2010-06-18 - 3:40pm Paged out to assist a broken down and drifting boat with children on board, drifting from the ferry causeway into the traffic lanes Stood down on departure, as another boat had already towed them into the causeway.
2010-06-12 - 10:20am Tasked to assist a sailboat hard aground at entrance to Point Robert Marina Towed vessel of of sand and let her continue under her own power
2010-05-22 - 8:00pm Paged out to search for a person in the water off the ferry causeway. Concerned citizen report. Person had fallen out of a 10' Canadian Tire inflatable boat, but was able to self-rescue. Stood down on departure.
2010-05-01 - 9:21pm Paged out to search for 2 people in the water after a small boat overturned between the Tsawwassen ferry terminal and Roberts Bank Hovercraft, RCMP helicopter also called out. Stood down on departure as people in the water managed to swim ashore and were assisted by EHS. Paged out again as a kayaker who had paddled out to assist also overturned. That person was also able to swim ashore so the unit was again stood down.
2010-01-01 - 1:00pm Safety crews for Delta Polar Bear Swim Unit 8 acts as safety boat and provides in-water and beach crews to assist with spotting and first aid during the 2010 Delta Polar Bear Swim - see pictures in Gallery
2009 Incidents and on-water events
2009-12-04,05 - 5-9pm Unit 8 provided a safety boat escort for the Ladner carol Ships parade of lights Escorted the fleet of decorated fish boats and pleasure craft from Westham Island into Ladner harbour each night.
2009-11-19 - 4:21pm Paged out to search for and assist 2 persons in a 12' skiff, disabled and being washed up on the base of the cliffs off Point Roberts in high winds and heavy surf. Launched and searched shoreline until skiff located at base of cliffs in Boundary Bay. Winds in excess of 40knots and seas 6-10 feet. Tried to get in close enough but unable to land due to heavy seas and rough shoreline. CCG Hovercaft Penac also tasked and unable to get in close enough to assist. USCG helicopter on-scene and provided illumination for local Fire/Rescue/ground SAR personnel to effect rescue.
2009-09-04 - 6:30pm Paged out to investigate debris field off of Canoe Pass from possible sunken vessel and search for possible survivors Searched along with Cormorant helicopter, CCG hovercraft and helicopter and other vessels, until it was determined that debris was from stolen yacht that was located in Active Pass.
2009-08-30 - 3pm Tasked to assist broken down boat adrift in Active Pass. Passing boat took broken-down boat in tow to Miner's Bay. Stood down en-route.
2009-08-29 - 4:25pm Paged out to assist person in the water from overturned Kayak off of Centennial Beach Once on-scene, it was determined by the Hovercraft that this was a false alarm. Concerned citizen ashore had mistaken one person in a kayak towing a dinghy with divers in the water for an overturned kayak with person in the water. Stood down.
2009-08-17 - 2:50pm Tasked to search for and assist sailboat aground on Roberts Bank / Canoe Pass area Located sailboat aground on sand banks. Engine had subsequently failed and boat was being pushed further up onto the banks. Towed vessel to deep water and then towed to Steveston.
2009-07-19 - 11am Flagged down by sailboat aground at entrance to Point Roberts Marina. Towed vessel off of sandbar, checked for damage and they carried on their way.
2009-07-12 - 2pm Called out to assist broken-down sailboat with fouled sails off of Point Roberts, which could not dock in high winds Towed into Point Roberts to slip.
2009-07-12 - 11am Flagged down by disabled sailboat off of Cabbage Island while out training in high winds Towed into Cabbage Island Marine park and assisted sailboat onto mooring
2009-07-04 - 7:30pm Paged out to assist out-of-fuel sailboat off of Point Roberts Towed in to Point Roberts
2009-07-04 - 6pm Tasked to assist broken-down sailboat which could not dock off of Point Roberts Towed into Point Roberts
2009-07-01 - 5:20pm Tasked while out training to assist small 16' boat, broken down and taking on water off Active Pass in traffic lanes. Located boat along with Hovercraft Siyay. Sea-sick persons on boat transferred to hovercraft, and boat towed to Point Roberts.
2009-06-27 - 10:00am Paged out to search for and assist small boat disabled somewhere in the middle of the Strait off the Tsawwassen ferry terminal. Hovercraft located boat first under it's own power again. Unit 8 tasked to escort vessel back to ferry causeway launching area.
2009-06-14 - 2:30pm Paged out to assist sailboat taking on water off Point Roberts Placed pumps and crew on board and towed vessel into Point Roberts. Continued de-watering until marina was able to lift boat from water.
2009-06-13 - 7:30pm Paged out to assist vessel taking on water between ferry terminal and Roberts Bank superport. Queen of Nanaimo rescue boat on scene. Unit 8 put pumps and crew on-board stricken vessel and began de-watering while towing to ferry causeway boat launch, where it was placed on it's trailer.
2009-06-05 - 9:23pm Paged out to search for overdue runabout with six persons on-board, believed to be in Boundary Bay. Stood down on departure. Vessel had returned safely on it's own.
2009-04-25 - 3:01am Paged out in early morning to assist 25 foot boat adrift near ferry terminal in danger of going aground in high winds and rough seas. Boat went aground before Coast Guard resources (hovercraft, Aux 8) were able to make it on-scene. Delta Police on-shore assisted 70-year old person from grounded vessel. Stood down as arriving on-scene.
2009-04-13 - 5:14pm Flagged down by disabled and adrift sailboat with prop fouled with a line Tasked by Rescue Centre to tow them into Ward's Marina in Nicomekl River.
2009-03-29 - 6:47am Paged out to assist a sailboat being washed up on the ferry causeway Hovercraft Penac on-scene as well. Too shallow for Aux. 8 to approach. CCG Penac members waded into shore to secure vessel. Aux. 8 stood down and returned to base.
2009-03--07 - 1:12am Paged out to assist a 53' boat who had lost power to both engines and was adrift in rough seas. Located vessel. He had managed to restart one engine so the rescue boat escorted him slowly back to Point Roberts and guided him into the marina. Back in bed by 4am.
2009-03-02 - 9:37am

Paged out to respond to a report of a kite-surfer in trouble in Boundary Bay

Follow this link for a bystanders account!

Searched for and located a kite-surfer in the water being dragged out to sea without his board. He was recovered into the boat and found to be hypothermic. He was subsequently transferred to the CCG Hovercraft Penac and then to paramedics on shore.
2009-01-18 - 7pm Report of missing hunters in Ladner marshes Unit members provided shore coordination and communications between family members and Rescue Coordination Centre. Hovercraft and Unit 10 vessels involved in search. Hunters returned safely when tide came up and they were able to get out of drying marsh area.
2009-01-01 - 1pm The annual Delta Polar Bear Swim The rescue boat stood by, while unit members in dry-suits stood in the water and on the beach to watch over the swimmers and assist if needed.
2008 Incidents and on-water events
2008-12-05 - 8:30pm While escorting the Ladner Carol ships, a yacht ran aground on a sandbar, and Aux. 8 was tasked to assist. Pulled boat off of mud and then escorted vessel back to marina.
2008-12-05,06 - 5-9pm Safety escort for Ladner Carol ships Escort the Carol ships fleet up the Fraser River to Ladner on both nights.
2008-12-03 - 10:45pm Paged out to investigate BC Ferry sighting of a red flare between Tsawwassen ferry terminal and Point Roberts. Searched waters off of Tsawwassen extensively for 2.5 hours with nothing found.
2008-10-27 - 6:15pm Paged out to assist 30' powerboat out of fuel and adrift after dark several miles off Point Roberts. Twp persons on board - one was very upset. Located vessel and towed back to Point Roberts marina.
2008-09-27 - 1:40pm Tasked to search for and assist a vessel who had called in and was disabled and adrift, but stopped responding to Coast Guard radio calls Found vessel being towed in by another boat. Escorted into Point Roberts marina.
2008-08-30 - 4:35am Paged out to search for person presumed lost off the Gulf Island ferry. Searched for 4 hours - the person was found alive and well on Saltspring island.
2008-08-20 - 3:30pm Tasked to search for lost and disabled boat near Mud Bay Located vessel after 45 minute search and towed it into Crescent Beach
2008-08-10 - 4:25pm Tasked to assist three teenagers stranded on Steveston Island. Transported teenagers safely to Steveston.
2008-08-10 - 3:20pm Tasked to search for boat which put out a single distress call Searched Ladner Reach and Fraser River between Steveston and SeaSpan truck ferry. Nothing found.
2008-08-03 - 3pm Tasked to assist broken down vessel in danger of going aground on rock wall at Sandheads Towed to safety, and handed over to commercial assistance.
2008-08-03 - 10am Participated in joint US Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary demonstration day Joint demonstrations of towing, helicopter drops, etc
2008-07-30 - 6pm Provided safety and SAR coverage for Wings Over Whiterock Snowbirds airshow Along with RCMP, CCG, Customs, DFO and other agencies.
2008-07-25 - 9:40pm Paged out to assist boat taking on water, broken down, and adrift in Strait of Georgia Found and minimized water ingress. Pumped boat out and towed to Point Roberts. Provided medical attention to person who had a serious dog bite on his hand.
2008-07-25 - 7:40am Paged out to investigate overturned boat in Strait of Georgia, reported by a tug. Determined to be a lost dinghy.
2008-07-19 - 4pm Woman has broken her leg badly on the edge of a steep cliff on Tumbo Island. Attended with Parks Canada, RCMP, LandSAR and CCG, and assisted in treatment and airlift of casualty via AirForce Cormorant helicopter. See some pictures
2008-06-14 - 5:20pm Paged out to assist disabled boat about 5nm west of Crescent Beach, with considerable language barrier hindering communications. Boat was able to flag down passing vessel. Stood down on departure.
2008-06-07 - 6pm Called out to assist disabled boat drifting onto shore at Whiterock Towed vessel into deeper water and then into Crescent Beach marina
2008-06-07 - 12:45pm Flagged down by out-of-gas boat at SandHeads. Towed boat into Steveston.
2008-06-05 - 7:50pm Paged out to assist disabled sailboat off of Point Roberts. Towed into Point Roberts marina.
2008-06-05 - 9:10am Paged out for mayday. Sailboat disabled and taking on water off of the Tsawwassen Ferry terminal. CCG hovercraft en-route and ferry rescue boat deployed. On-scene and stopped water ingress. Boats pumps working, so boat was towed to Point Roberts marina.
2008-06-02 - 10am Paged out to assist kite boarder in trouble off Crescent Beach. Person made it to shore safely. Stood down on departure.
2008-05-31 - 8pm Paged to assist out-of-fuel boat anchored just off Point Roberts. Boat was assisted into marina by sailing club boat. Stood down on departure.
2008-05-28 - 7pm Paged out for overturned canoe with two people in the water off of Whiterock Pier. CCG hovercraft en-route. Persons assisted ashore by local boats. Stood down on departure.
2008-05-25 - 12pm Paged out for overturned sailboat off Crescent Beach with twp people in the water. Persons assisted ashore by local boats. Stood down shortly after departure.
2008-05-19 - 6:20pm Paged out to investigate skiff adrift off of Whiterock Pier with no one on-board. Started search for persons in water, but dinghy was declared a derelict and search ended.
2008-05-12 - 8:45pm While on training, encountered boat that had run out of fuel. Tasked to tow into Crescent Beach.
2008-05-04 - 4:15pm Paged out after MayDay call on VHF in the Boundary Bay/ Semiahmoo area Shoreline search between Kwomais Pt. and Birch Pt., with UCG helicopter assisting. Nothing found. Stood down at 7pm
2008-04-26 - 1:50pm Tasked to assist broken down vessel encountered while on EPIRB search. Towed into Pender Harbour and turned over tow to Unit 61.
2008-04-26 - 1pm Tasked to investigate a report of an EPIRB activation , while on an approved activity in the vicinity of Pender Harbour. Located a broken down 32' boat not in any danger (not the EPIRB activation). Notified Coast Guard Radio for further action. Continued searching for EPIRB - nothing found. Stood down.
2008-03-30 - 4pm Sailing vessel taking on water and sinking in Boundary Bay. USCG helicopter and cutter enroute, CCG hovercraft enroute. First on-scene. Put member aboard who helped determine a broken hose was causing water ingress. Stopped leak, and towed vessel to Whiterock with assistance from Aux.5 - Crescent Beach
2008-02-12 - 8:45pm SAR crew members assisted on shore at vessel driven aground on the boat launch at Wellington Pt. park. Relayed communications between Rescue Centre and Police/Fire/EHS.
2008-01-01 - 11:00am-2:00pm Safety boat and shore patrol for Centennial beach Polar Bear Swim Fast Response vessel stood off the beach, and members provided shallow water and beach lookout/first-aid assistance.
2007 Incidents
2007-12-22 - 11:30am Tasked to investigate report of a grounded fishing vessel on the beach at Point Roberts. Found bow-picker aground with damaged props and personal effects including a cell phone still on-board. Provided last called/received numbers from cell-phone to JRCC who determined that vessel operators were safe ashore and boat had apparently broken loose and drifted during the storm.
2007-12-14/15 - 5:00pm-9:30pm Ladner Carol ships escort Escorted Ladner Christmas Carol Ships from Westham Island to Ladner on both nights.
2007-10-14 - 1:30pm Flagged down by passing boater regarding a disabled commercial fishboat 2nm south of Pt. Roberts, with no engine or electrical power and no radios. Tasked to investigate. Arranged for another fishboat to provide battery charge and keep CCG informed of progress.
2007-09-08 - 3:40pm Disabled small boat in heavy seas being driven onto rocky shore - four children and two adults on board Arrived on-scene and towed boat into deeper water. Handed over tow, and transferred children and adults onto CCG lifeboat Cape Kuper. Minor vessel damage by heavy seas.
2007-09-08 - 3:10pm Tasked to assist disabled boat off Nicomekl River Diverted en-route to more urgent situation
2007-09-08 - 1:45pm 41foot yacht disabled in rough seas off of Porlier Pass Attended with CCG lifeboat Cape Kuper and assisted with securing of vessel at dock
2007-08-13 - 3:50pm Report of three children without lifejackets being carried out to sea on air mattress at Centennial Beach Stood down. Children reported safely ashore.
2007-08-11 - 3:30pm Disabled motor boat 2mi south of Pt.Roberts Searched for and towed boat into Crescent Beach
2007-07-29 - 5:00pm Report of man missing on toy raft off of Whiterock Responded with hovercraft, but man found at home while en-route.
2007-07-20 - 1:40pm Ceremonial canoe capsized in Boundary Bay. Eleven persons in the water Nearby USCG cutter on scene on scene. Stood down en-route.
2007-07-21 - 10am Sailboat taking on water and sinking north of SandHeads, in fog and rain Searched with hovercraft but it was determined to be a false alarm
2007-07-14 - 9:45pm Disabled sailboat off ferry terminal Towed to Pt. Roberts marina
2007-07-14 - 7:40pm Flagged down by boat grounded and damaged off Gorgeson Pass Towed to Tsawwassen ferry causeway
2007-07-11 - 1:25pm Overturned catamaran off Lilly Point People and vessel assisted by another boat. Stood down en-route.
2007-06-28 - 2pm Person in water off Tsawwassen Ferry Stood down. Person assisted by police.
2007-06-28 - 5pm Small boat in trouble off Maple Beach Stood down. People assisted by another boat
2007-06-19 - 10pm Disoriented sailboat in rough weather off Ferry terminal Searched for, located, and escorted sailboat to marina
2007-05-18 - 7pm Swimmer in trouble in Boundary Bay Swimmer refused help - stood by to ensure OK
2007-05-18 - 6:10pm Overturned kayak in Boundary Bay Stood down en-route - person assisted by another boat - diverted to another incident
2007-06-06 - 1pm Sailboat hard aground and heeling on reef north of Saltspring Island Worked with Coast Guard lifeboat Cape Kuper to inspect and secure boat so she would float off . See Pictures
2007-05-05 - 1:34pm Sailboat ran aground on marina breakwater in rough seas Worked to free sailboat and towed her off. USCG standing by
2007-04-28 - 9:46am Sailboat aground on Roberts Bank Checked that boat was sound and waiting to float off with tide. Re-checked later in day.
2007-04-07 - 1:20pm Boat engine fire - 1.5mi south of Pt. Roberts False alarm. Overheating. Stood down
2007-03-31 - 10:20am Medevac of cardiac arrest - Whiterock Beach Attended, but EMS loaded patient on passing train
2006-12-24 - 3:00pm Overturned boat off Tsawwassen Causeway False alarm. Stood down before launch.

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