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Station 08 - Delta provides Search and Rescue services 365 days per year, 24 hours per day in an area of approximately 600 square miles of local waters. The area is traveled extensively by the B.C. Ferries (Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal) tugs and barges, cruise ships, freighter traffic (Delta Port, Vancouver Harbour) local fishing and pleasure craft including small craft such as dinghies, canoes and kayaks and kite boards.  Additionally, the close proximity of the Vancouver International Airport and Boundary Bay Airport (the third busiest airport in Canada for take-offs and landings) and subsequent commercial and recreational flights over the area means the number of people passing through our area is estimated at more than 15,000 per day or 5.5 million annually.


The fast response boat is based in the Point Roberts Marina in Point Roberts Washington, for immediate access to the Straight of Georgia and the surrounding area.


RCM-SAR members work closely with the Canadian Coast Guard, often working on the same incidents and training together.

SAR crews are generally on call one week out of every four weeks, and must be available to launch the Fast Response boat in less than 30 minutes after being paged by the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Victoria.


Typical calls involve a wide variety of problems from disabled boats, windsurfers in trouble, capsized kayakers, medical problems, lost boaters, boats aground or sinking, people who have gone missing off of ferries, or fallen overboard from their own boats.

Station 8 - Delta usually responds to about 16-25 taskings per year, mostly during the summer months, but often members are called out late at night, in the winter months, in miserable conditions.

Being on a Search and Rescue crew takes dedication, and committment. Sacrifices in family life are often required, but the rewards of helping someone in distress make it all worthwhile.


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